Can I get a 3D print made if I supply photos of the subject

Unfortunately this is not possible. We have had several requests for 3D prints of family members who live overseas or pets that have passed away, but we are unable to create the necessary high fidelity 3D data from standard photos. In order to produce the highly detailed 3D model necessary for a photorealistic 3D print we need to take a large number of carefully aligned photographs simultaneously from all sides, so a visit to our scanning booth is essential.

How long will it take to get my 3D print?

The 3D scanning process is relatively quick and is done on the day at our studio. Once the scan is captured it needs to be processed into a 3D model and this can take an hour or two, if we have captured a few scans on the day then it could take a day or two before this is ready. The 3D model then needs to be touched up by a 3D artist, and depending on the queue this can take up to a week. The 3D printing process can also take a week or two depending on demand, and we need to allow up to a week for the prints to ship out to us from our printing partner. Overall, it can take up to 4+ weeks for delivery at peak times (although 2 – 3 weeks is more usual). Please book early especially if you need your print for a special occasion.

Do you do wedding toppers?

Yes, absolutely, your own personal mini-Us make fantastic wedding toppers. However, please note that some materials that are a part of certain wedding dresses such as tulle, netting, or voile fabrics may not be easily captured by the 3D scanner. Please call us to discuss your needs.

What should I wear to achieve the best 3D print?

From our experience, the best prints are achieved when people wear bright, vibrant colours or clothes with colourful patterns or prints. If possible limit the presence of dark colours such as black or dark brown in the outfits you wear on the day. Matte fabrics are also more scanner friendly. Very shiny fabrics such as shiny leather or plastics can create problems.

Is the scanning process safe?

Yes, the scanner uses an array of standard digital cameras and projectors and poses no risk whatsoever to your person.

Can I scan my pets?

Yes, absolutely. As long as they can fit into our scanning booth, and can remain reasonably still for a few seconds. In our experience, cats and dogs can become very excited when they enter our studio for the first time. We recommend that you come in early so that your pet can become familiar with the surrounds. With smaller or skittish animals like cats, it helps when the scan is taken with the owner carrying their pet. We ask our customers to set aside enough time on the day to help calm their pet and to allow us to take multiple scans to maximise our chances of getting a successful scan.

Can I scan my baby?

Yes, provided they can remain reasonably still for a few seconds. Note, however, that we require that infants under 2 years be held by a parent or care giver for the scan.

Can I bring props?

Yes, props such as books, sporting equipment, musical instruments, etc. can make great accompaniments to your figurine and really add life to it.

How should I take care of my mini-U photofigurine?

Your mini-U photofigurine is carefully sealed to protect it from surface damage, but remains fairly fragile and should be handled carefully. Drops or knocks should be avoided. Treat your mini-U as you would a fine porcelain ornament, keep it out of the way of pets and small children. Avoid displaying it in a location where it will receive direct sunlight as this may cause fading over the longer term. Avoid moisture and humidity, do not clean your mini-U with solvents or water, simply dust it with a fine brush or duster.