3D Scanning

Our state-of-the-art 3D scanner uses an array of high quality digital cameras and advanced photogrammetry techniques to capture a full 3D scan of up to five people and/or pets in less than a second. As this is based on standard photographic technology it is completely safe.
Things to consider for the best results:

  • The scanner analyses surface textures to create the 3D geometry, the more detail it can see the better the quality of the result. The scanner doesn’t like surfaces that are too transparent, too shiny, or too monochromatic over a large area.
  • To make your figurines pop consider wearing brightly coloured clothes with distinctive patterns or decals. Uniforms, sporting outfits, etc. can really add great context to your scan.
  • Remove hanging jewellery and narrow rimmed glasses, or anything else that will end up at too small a feature size when printed at the chosen scale of your figurine.